Be a Volunteer at the Bee Kind Garden

Bee Kind Garden project is a therapeutic program to teach gentleness, kindness and empathy to children in the foster care system that have experienced abuse, neglect and are at risk.

Children are matched with a trained volunteer who gives their undivided attention to this   child through the entire session. They explore arts, crafts, nurturing plants, and learning about their environment through outdoor activities and interaction with child friendly animals.

Three basic strategies are used at the Garden to help children suffering from past abuse:

  1.  Therapists are on site to support children in processing emotional trauma and crisis. Our onsite therapists help children cope with their experiences and inform volunteers about the effects of abuse and neglect in order to develop effective strategies with their child.
  2. Environmental education helps the child learn to nurture living things and find a connection to the natural world through gardening and outdoor activities.
  3. Animal interaction helps children learn kindness and empathy and form healthy relationships by allowing them to interact with child friendly animals.

In sharing all these experiences with their own supportive volunteer and others, each child is able to explore and experience the dynamics of building trust.

The Bee Kind Garden gives each child the opportunity to:

  • Improve emotional well being
  • Develop empathy, kindness and gentleness
  • Master new skills
  • Improve self image; practice development skills (fine and gross motor, language, problem solving)
  • Learn respect for the natural environment and tap into the potential for joy and hope for the future
  • Learn to trust others and those responsible adults will keep them safe

Responsible volunteers are needed for these children. Each volunteer is assigned the same child for 2 hours, once a week, for six weeks this summer. 

All volunteers must be at least 21, attend a short training session and have a criminal background check (we provide) to qualify.

This experience is as rewarding to the volunteer as it is for the child. You will never forget your days at the Bee Kind Garden! Come and make friends with a child.